Nicole Poole, Spirit Guide

Hello! I'm Nicole Poole, Spirit Guide and founder of Spirit Guide Psychic Healing.  My life's passion is helping people heal to realize the fullness of their soul purpose and hearts desires, with guidance from the spirit realm.  I offer a comprehensive holistic approach to spiritual/emotional wellness and psychic guidance.  Every session is a unique, transformational experience you won't find anywhere else!  

I would love to connect with you.  

<3 Nicole.

Nicole was a very young girl when she first began to use her intuitive gifts. She would speak to her dead ancestors and receive messages for her living family. This validated her gifts from an early age, and she continued to develop her intuition as she grew older. In her early 20s, her grandmother and uncle passed away but stayed in contact from the other side. They eventually guided her to pursue a mentorship with a metaphysician, which she apprenticed for two years.

In her 10+ years of experience, Nicole has offered quality professional psychic readings, healings and cleansings. She connects her clients to their universal support system and helps answer questions in their lives, heal past trauma and open new space for love and light. She uses crystals, sonic tones, essential oils in combination with eastern and western indigenous healing modalities to bring the mind, body, spirit into balance and wellbeing.

Nicole is a professional, experienced healer and psychic medium.  She specializes in a variety of metaphysical topics and can help you to create lasting shifts in your life with spiritual support and guidance.