Full Service Healing Session
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Full Service Healing Session

Recommended for first-time clients

60 to 90 minutes: $90

A unique approach to spiritual wellness and psychic healing that is wholistic and encompassing. 

For the Full Service Session, you will receive spiritual cleansing, reading and healing.  

A cleansing is used to clear the mind, body and energy field of any harmful or disagreeable energy while also creating a sacred space to initiate the healing process and to receive the most direct and accurate messages you need most in the moment. 

The reading is used to help connect you with your universal support system and to answer questions you have.  Information from the cleansing and reading are accumulated to assist in the healing process.  

For healing, I use a combination of Reiki, Crystals and Sound Tuning Forks, eastern and western indigenous healing modalities to bring the mind, body and heart into balance aligned with your soul’s purpose.


Self Healing

  • End of life issues and passage
  • Grief
  • Anxiety, depression and eating disorders
  • Addictions and trauma including healing of sexual abuse
  • Reiki Healing

Romance and Love

  • Soulmate Analysis/Compatibility
  • Dream Interpretations 
  • Past Life Readings 
  • Tarot/Angel Cards/Divination Tools

Spiritual Exploration

  • Chakras
  • Spirits/Spirit Guides/Spirit World
  • Remote Viewing/Astral Projection Development
  • Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance
  • Poltergeists, Exorcisms
  • House and property Cleansing/Negative or Passive Entities