Nicole is a very gifted and accurate psychic and medium. She has predicted some major life changes and her predictions have helped me sail through seemingly rough times. She is the real deal!
— Kristin, AK
Nicole is a gentle soul who has a karmic connection to all that is good. We were a little nervous at first but she quickly made us feel at ease. She explained what she was doing and how it all fits together. She was able to touch our souls and help us see the good in our lives now and the good that lays before us. We highly recommend Nicole to anyone who is seeking spiritual guidance and comfort. With Nicole, you not only get a spiritual healer but you will make a life-long friend.
— Tanner and Brent
Nicole was, hands down, the first person I ever wanted to give me a reading - even though I had a lot of folks to choose from in the Anchorage area. She told me things about myself and the spiritual presence around me that - to this day - still continues to shine enlightenment and knowledge into my affairs. Most importantly, she helped me to understand my family history and now my part in our future family trajectory - which is one of the most important things that I could ever learn about. She knew me better than I knew myself, and I am overdue for an appointment!
— Katie, AK
My wife introduced me to Nicole’s amazing readings and healings. She has helped me understand my life better and through her healings, has helped me get rid of negativity and blockages that don’t serve me or benefit my life’s purpose and goals. Nicole is the real deal and she has an amazing gift!!! Thank you Nicole, for being part of my personal growth!
— Michael, AK
Nicole Poole is an incredibly gifted and intuitive individual and she shares her gift with the universe in the most humble and sensitive of ways. I have had the great fortune to receive intuitive reading and healing sessions from Nicole and it has been life changing and affirming for me. I cannot express enough the positive energy and gratitude I feel after a session with Nicole and I have recommended her services to numerous people in my community. If you are in need of spiritual guidance and healing, I would definitely recommend Nicole Poole.
— Amy, AK
Nicole is very warm and intuitive and provides thoughtful guidance. She has amazing energy and power and her readings and cleansings are truly life changing and inspiring experiences. I highly recommend her.
— Maria, AK
My experience with Nicole was completely life-changing...There is no doubt that she is 100% “the real thing.” I’ve always believed in psychics/ mediums/spiritual healers, etc. but, like most people, there was that little skeptical part of me questioning her “abilities.” During my first session with her, she knew my sister was pregnant (which my sister had just found out 2 days prior & had not told anyone but me yet). She was able to connect me with my mother (who passed away when I was a teenager) & relay messages in regards to a lot of issues we had in our relationship. She spoke very specifically about details that she couldn’t possibly know about, unless she was there. That day changed me forever, where there once was anger & resentment in my heart, there is now love & understanding. She has helped me more than words could ever explain in my relationships, she has given me so much insight & knowledge that has helped me through the lowest of lows. My praises for her & what she does are endless. I honestly believe that every person could benefit from a session with Nicole. It’s ike a spa treatment for your soul.
— Stephanie, AK
I had my reading done by Nicole, really it was more like an experience of divine enlightenment. Very compassionate. By the end of our session I can truly say I was feeling this new emotion of understanding, an understanding of things that have weighed on me for sometime. It’s one thing to be uplifted, but it takes something special to make it divine or as I would consider it, pristine. Thank you for it all my dear, I look forward to our next time.
— Justyn, AK
There is something sincerely moving that happens during my sessions with Nicole. I tend to be a believing skeptic. As a coach I know that a lot of these opportunities to tap into our intuition are vital, but for some reason when it comes to me I am still a skeptic. Well, I am a skeptic no longer. Nicole guided me to tap into my heart for the answers and having a great deal of practice opening that chakra in my body I could feel the boundless energy over flowing. Not only did Nicole speak truths that there were no possibility of her knowing but she did them with such ease and grace in her own special form of vibrancy that is her unique life force and laughter which made the entire experience extremely enjoyable and educational. During the reading she gave me goals to work toward and action steps to take to make my deepest desires a reality. They were tangible, actionable and completely possible to do. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to get in deeper and get to know their pure potentiality better. I love Nicole Poole and will recommend her to my coaching clients.
— Meaghan, CA